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Weblock For Kids

Excellent, free and simple browser to protect your kids from Web threats
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Weblock For Kids is a simple and free parental control software tool offering your children an alternative Web browser that will make it easier for you to keep them away from unwanted Web threats. You can create individual user accounts customized for each child, and create personalized menus with only the websites they are authorized to visit.

This extremely easy-to-use Web browser has two different layouts – a “standard” layout (for you to configure your kids’ browser according to your preferences) and the Kid Mode layout (that behaves just like any other Internet browser but with very limited navigation controls). The idea is that your children exclusively use the Kid Mode browser to surf the Web, leaving the more standard – though heavily simplified – layout as a tool that you will use to select which websites they will be allowed to visit.

To make their browser look more attractive, you are offered a number of backgrounds that you can use to build their websites menu, though you can always load and use any other images. This is the first thing they will see when opening their Kid Mode browser, and on top of this background image they will find all the places in the Internet they are allowed to visit. For this to happen, you are required to add all of these websites manually and configure each of them so that they behave the way they are meant to. Thus, you need to give each site a name, to provide its URL, an image (it can be a screenshot of the home page), and to set the different permissions that will allow your children to navigate (or not) through all pages in the same directory, in other parallel directories, in subdirectories, in parent directories, and in all pages on sub domains. Finally, you can also allow or disallow popup windows that match your criteria.

Weblock For Kids offer you a closed and controlled Web environment for your youngest children to feel safe.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Provides your kids with just the controls they need to surf the Web safely
  • Simple browser with an attractive and clear layout
  • Easy to configure - suitable for any parent
  • Flexible protection settings


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